Debian Perl Group

How-To Guides

This directory contains various how-to guides for the Debian Perl Group. Guides in this directory may be the personal opinion of one of the team members and don't have the weight of team policy.

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[TXT]upload.html20-Jun-2017 20:02 Debian Perl Group uploading how-to
[TXT]repacking.html20-Jun-2017 20:02 How to repackage upstream tarballs
[TXT]quilt.html20-Jun-2017 20:02 Quilt for Debian maintainers
[TXT]quilt-copyable.html20-Jun-2017 20:02 Quilt for Debian maintainers (copy-pastable version)
[TXT]missingupstream.html02-Aug-2011 18:40 Add missing upstream tarballs to the repository
[TXT]adopt.html20-Jun-2017 20:02 Debian Perl Group adoption how-to
[TXT]RFP.html20-Jun-2017 20:02 How to get a CPAN module into Debian

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